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Youth Exchange supported by Erasmus Programme 2017

“Strengthening Youth Action for Peace : creative Multicultural and Multi-religious Approaches and Tools” Friday 27 October – 2 November 2017 A seminar called “Strengthening Youth Action for Peace: Creative Multicultural and Multi-faith Approaches and Toms" took place inBrusselsfrom the 27 of October to the 2 of November 2017. It involved youth from seven partner's organizations in:Sweden,Belgium,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Romania, The Netherlands

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A network of tenderness for refugee children 29-1-2017
For Refugee Children – TV news: VTM 29-1-2017 19h (NL)
Young people “catalysts of peace” in the Brussels Parliament – 30/11/2017

The World Conference of Religions for Peace Belgium and Europe staged a major programme in 2017 for young people, “to equip young people to face violence in a positive and constructive way” On 30 November 2017 in the Parliament of the Region of Brussels-Capital, Vice-President Fouad Ahidar welcomed the young people and went on to participate in the whole event . 30 young people attended this event, coming from different cultural, social and religious

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Using the power of religions to foster peace- Berlin May 2017

On the website  of the German Federal Foreign Office  you can find this article on the conference (German version) Feel free to share this! The Federal Foreign Office wants to work more closely with faith communities. A conference in Berlin today marked the start of this initiative. Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel invited religious leaders from

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Living together in the Present 2-4-2017

In Molenbeek,  at the Saint John Baptist Church, many intereligous encounters are taken place. with the support of  Father Aurélien Saniko, in chartge of the Pastoral unity. On the  29-1-2017  an event   " let us weave a network of tenderness and strength with and for the refugee children". With amongst many others : Cardinal Jozef De Kesel, Pastor Steven H. Fuite, Great Rabbi Albert Guigui  Mayor Françoise Schepmans, Secretary of State

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A Network of Tenderness with and for refugee children – Event 29-1-2017

Videos - A Network of Tenderness with and for Refugee Children - TV news: VTM 29-1-2017 19h - A Network of Tenderness with and for refugee children - Event 29-1-2017 

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Why does climate change matter to Religions?

A Multi-Religious Call to Protect the Earth Religions for Peace RfP is the most representative coalition for peace. It works to help stop war, end violence, and protect the earth in six regions and seventy countries around the world.

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Youth: “We are here, to share our idieas”

Youth vision and recommendations for an inclusive Europe Sara BAHMANPOUR Muslim from Finland interviews An International Youth Training Seminar took place in parallel with the RfP Europe Assembly “Empowering Youth for Interfaith and Multicultural Peace Action”, from 27 October to 2 November in Castel Gandolfo, Italy. This Youth Exchange, supported by Erasmus+ and other sponsors, brought together 54 young people and facilitators from 12 European

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Youth: “What fear do we have? What positive answers do we have?”

Youth testimonies: Sara BAHMANPOUR Muslim from Finland interviews : Alexandru KISS- from Roumania, Petar KECMAN from Serbia, Zvonimira JAKIC from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nahla HEWIDY from Finland, Kata CHRONOPOULOS-LANCOS from Hungaria, Manon SPERATI from Belgium, Kawtar LOURHARZ from Morocco, Gaura HARI from UK, Iman GJELLOUL from Sweden An International Youth Training Seminar took place in parallel with the RfP Europe Assembly “Empowering Youth

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Youth:”What does your faith means to you? What values does it teache to you?”

Youth testimonies: Sara BAHMANPOUR Muslim from Finland interviews : Mohammed ROUIDI- Muslim from the Netherlands; Narayana SANDRESCHI -Hari Krisna from the UK; Gursimer SINGH - Sikh from Sweden; Naima Welin GROSSMAN- Jewish from Sweden; Gabrielle WESTHEAD- Buddhist from the UK; Anas BADDYR – Atheist from Morocco; Rebecca KLITGAARD NELSSON -Christian from Sweden. An International Youth Training Seminar took place in parallel with the RfP Europe

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12 June 2016 Awareness and Celebration for Water and the Ocean

4041 Galerie Ravenstien, 1000 Brussels Awareness and Celebration Place: 4041 Galerie Ravenstien, 1000 Brussels Time: 18-19h30 Religons for Peace Europe in partenship with Brahma Kumari organises a reflexion and meditation event for water and the oceans to prevent desertification following the UN World Oceans Day. We are invited to 'create continuous waves of awareness and light with all the people of planet earth'

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Declaration on Refugees – The Round Table of Religions in Germany

  The Round Table of Religions in Germany  Declaration on Refugees Text in holy scriptures: Lev. 19,33-34 Mt 25, 35.40 Sure 49,13 Bahá'u'lláh wrote: "The earth is but one county, and mankind its citizens" Vimalakirti Sutra (Buddh.) „"consider  each  as your spiritual master " The affirmations in our sacred scriptures regarding the stranger, the needy, and the mutual relationship of the different peoples are unequivocal. They are in

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Inner Peace: Chanting : 19 March 2015

Religions for Peace Europe INTERFAITH CHANTING FOR UNITY AND PEACE Thursday March 19, 2015 . A high moment on 19 March 2015 was the participation in a Chanting ceremony organized by Religions for Peace Europe with the important collaboration of Father Peter Baekelmans, in the Church of the Dominicans in Brussels. The beautiful music and song prayers from the Community of Taizé (group from the KU Leuven University Chaplaincy), the Sufi group of the

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Youth interfaith encounter: Pumkins regatta : 28-10-2012
regatta 28-10-2013pp

Interreligious pumpkins regatta in Kasterlee... par dm_51313ea41cb7b Belgian young people facing water challenges meet in Kasterlee (Belgium) on the 27 -10-2012. They were the laureats of a water campaign coming from different religious and languages communities. They were invited by the Mayor of Kasterlee, Ward Kennis.

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EU Day 19 March 2015 Peace building process
EU video-

LIVE BUILDING PROCESS DAY AT THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT . On 19 March 2015, 120 people including eminent religious leaders, women, youth and children, together with experts in various fields, participated in an important event that took place at the European Parliament inBrussels. This event was hosted by Mrs. Anna Zaborska, MEP; Mr. Borislav Škripek, MEP, the European Intergroup of Freedom of Religions or Beliefs and Religious Tolerance. This full

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Youth Interfaith Exchange- Supported by Erasmus + 2015

“Empowering Youth in Interfaith and Multicultural Peace Action” . This video has been realised by the youth and especially by Soraya Boulif during the youth interreligious exchange that has been going on in Castel Gandolfo from the 27 October till the 2 November 2015. “Empowering Youth in Interfaith and Multicultural Peace Action” aimed to empower young people of faith and also other interested youth providing them with interfaith and multicultural

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Youth Interfaith Exchange supported by Erasmus +

Youth Interfaith Exchange 2015; supported by Erasmus+

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REPORT Religions for Peace Europe – Castel Gandolfo 27-1 Nov. 2015

  RfP European Assembly 2015   28 Oct. – 1 Nov. 2015 and International Youth Training Seminar 27 Oct. – 2 Nov. 2015 Castel Gandolfo REPORT Background The Religions for Peace European Assembly 2015, took place atCastel Gandolfo,Italy, on 28 October - 1 November 2015, and gathered 290 faith and religious people from 28 countries and ten different religious communities and faith traditions, hosted by the Focolare Movement.  “Welcoming

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“Preventing and combating anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim hatred in Europe” Aïcha Haddou

Religions for Peace Europe has participated in the Consultation  that the European Commission  has launched a consultation in order to collect input on a number of questions which were at the centre of discussion during the first Annual Colloquium on Fundamental Rights in the EU, 1-2 October 2015,Brussels.  on the theme "Preventing and combating anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim hatred in Europe" Speech of Aicha Haddou representative of EmridNetwork,

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Young people as active European citizens

Sept. 2014: youth preparatory team for the seminar: Regis Close- Christian, Rupal Mary & Uday Singh - Hindus, Iris Hustin, & Christoph-Jewish 4 septembre 2012 au Parlement européen  4 Sep. 2012 at the European Parliament :" Young europeans facing water challenges"   Interfaith youth welcomed by the Mayor of Kasterlee. Interreligious pumpkins regatta in Kasterlee… par dm_51313ea41cb7b n het Belgisch Parlement

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PEACE Building Interfaith Encounter – Castel Gandolfo 28- 31 Oct. 2015

   Religions for Peace Europe invite you   Castel Gandolfo 28 Oct. - 1Nov. 2015 RfP EU European Assembly   Samia SMAHI Au delà des frontières Welcoming Each Other from FEAR to TRUST  Context    Globalisation: loss of identity fear - individual, cultural, religious/philosophical identity - leading to violence, radicalism and terrorism Trend towards a “single” dominant ethos, leading to individualism and narcissism Rise of anti-Semitism,

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PROJECT: Welcoming Each Other in Europe: a call to Non- Discrimination

Painting by Samia Smahi “Behind the borders” SHORT- PROGRAMME 2014-2015 from Religions for Peace Europe

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“Religious Dialogue as a tool to foster tolerance” 24 March 2015 at the EP

Religions for Peace Europe at the high level conference on “Religious Dialogue as a tool to foster tolerance” On Tuesday the 24th of March 2015, the Religions for Peace Europe Network around “welcoming each other in Europe” was represented by Mrs. Yolande Iliano and Mrs. Christine Dupuis at a  high level meeting on “Religious Dialogue as a Tool to Foster Tolerance” that took place at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. The

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March 19, 2015 « EU Live Building Process Day »

This EU day is included in the Regional Meeting in Brussels, March 18-22, gathering 14 countries, which is part of the 2014-2015 European Programme of Religion for Peace Europe (see here below) . This programme emerged in Europe after the Religion for Peace World Assembly inViennein November 2013.  In collaboration with the Global Network of Religions for Children ... “Welcoming Each Other in Europe : A Call to Non-Discrimination”  [1] 

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Marche nationale : « Together in Peace – Liberté et Respect » Dimanche 15 mars 2015

 Marche nationale « Together in Peace – Liberté et Respect » Dimanche 15 mars 2015  Face à la terreur et la peur, les représentants des différentes églises chrétiennes, du judaïsme, de l'islam et de la laïcité appellent à une marche nationale à Bruxelles autour du slogan « Together in Peace – Liberté et Respect » le dimanche 15 mars 2015 à 14h. Ensemble, nous disons: OUI au vivre ensemble en paix OUI à la liberté d’expression,

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Advancing the dialogue around women in sports and creating positive change.

Interfaith event supports women and girls full participation in sports

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Congress of women of faith in Bosnia and Herzegovina 12-15/06/2014

Clic here to see video: Congress of women of faith in Bosnia and Herzegovina Short report on Congress of women of faith in Bosnia and Herzegovina June 12-15 – 2014, Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina  Amidst many attempts to turn interreligious dialogue from the domain of the impossible into an example of know-who, know-what and, finally, show-how communication, this Congress is a specific path from deconstruction to reconstruction of civil

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Statement on Nigerian Abduction of Girls

      Statement on Nigerian Abduction of Girls In line with our  “Restoring Dignity” campaign to end violence against women, we, members of Religions for Peace in Europe, European Council of Religious Leaders, European Women of Faith Network, European Interfaith Youth Network and National bodies, are horrified at the recent publicized abduction of girls inNigeria. We are aware that these were not the first; it is a constant threat,

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European elections 2014: the challenges!

  EUJS European Jewish students May 2014 Dear members and friends of EUJS, „Mind the Vote!“ is the title of our upcoming campaign aimed at raising awareness on the far-right and populist parties running in the European elections and motivating young Jews to vote. With a special campaign website as a ressource, EUJS member unions will run coordinated, national campaigns. Don’t miss the launch on Facebook, Twitter and our website! If

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Interfaith dialogue, the motor, to driving new energies for Harmony

World Interfaith Harmony Week 2014: Events in Belgium got a price.  .... To see the pictures and comments clic here : ppt-WIHW 2014 Description & programme: clic here  ..  Interreligious dialogue, the motor,         driving  new synergies         to Harmony                   Description: The WIHW 2014 celebration inBrussels took a didactic approach: 1.Testifying to the force of interreligious dialogue through

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“Pierre et Mohamed” de Francesco Agnello – Echos

World Interfaith Harmony Week 2014: Events in Belgium got a price. .... To see the pictures and comments clic here : ppt-WIHW 2014 Description & programme: clic here  ..  Interreligious dialogue, the motor,         driving  new synergies         to Harmony                   Description: The WIHW 2014 celebration inBrussels took a didactic approach: 1.Testifying to the force of interreligious dialogue through actors

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Konferencija žena vjernica u Tuzli-31 mai 2013

 Interreligious Council of Bosnia-Herzegovina Konferencija žena vjernica u Tuzli Vendredi 31 mai 2013 15:23 U saradnji sa Ambasadom Sjedinjenih Američkih Drzava u BiH Medjureligijsko vijeće u BiH je organizovalo Konferenciju žena vjernica u Tuzli u periodu od 28 - 29. . maja 2013 Na Konferenciji je Bilo prisutno 35 žena: muslimanki, pravoslavnih, rimokatolkinja i Jevrejki. Cilj ove Konferencije je bio da se oformi Mreža

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