Empowering Youth & women

Women’s voices in chorus… for the cause of women: 17-6-2013

  Women’s voices in chorus... for the cause of women: We are an assembly of women  jecting any interpretation of religious practices that leads  to violence  17 juin 2013  A l’Hôtel de Vlle de Bruxelles Salle Gothique  PROGRAMME 18h30 : visite of the Exhibition  of sacred texts 19h30 : Welcome by Yolande Iliano, co-chair de Belgian Women of Faith Network Speach Alain Courtois, l’Echevin des Cultes de la Ville de Bruxelles

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Statement: Restoring Dignity: to end violence againt women

Dignity of the woman Social Equality Complementarity of role

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To end Violence against Women: round table – debate – exhibition

Invitation  in the presence of the European Governing Board of Religions for Peace who opted for joint action inEurope are pleased to invite you  to the launch of the European Campaign to end violence against women Saturday 17 November  2012 19 :00- 20 :30   In the City Hall of Brussels Salle Gothique Round Table - Debat    &  Exhibition : Dignity of women –Scriptural Reflections                                

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