A network of tenderness for refugee children 29-1-2017
For Refugee Children – TV news: VTM 29-1-2017 19h (NL)
Young people “catalysts of peace” in the Brussels Parliament – 30/11/2017

The World Conference of Religions for Peace Belgium and Europe staged a major programme in 2017 for young people, “to equip young people to face violence in a positive and constructive way” On 30 November 2017 in the Parliament of the Region of Brussels-Capital, Vice-President Fouad Ahidar welcomed the young people and went on to participate in the whole event . 30 young people attended this event, coming from different cultural, social and religious

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Young people as active European citizens

Sept. 2014: youth preparatory team for the seminar: Regis Close- Christian, Rupal Mary & Uday Singh - Hindus, Iris Hustin, & Christoph-Jewish 4 septembre 2012 au Parlement européen  4 Sep. 2012 at the European Parliament :" Young europeans facing water challenges"   Interfaith youth welcomed by the Mayor of Kasterlee. Interreligious pumpkins regatta in Kasterlee… par dm_51313ea41cb7b n het Belgisch Parlement

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Marche nationale : « Together in Peace – Liberté et Respect » Dimanche 15 mars 2015

 Marche nationale « Together in Peace – Liberté et Respect » Dimanche 15 mars 2015  Face à la terreur et la peur, les représentants des différentes églises chrétiennes, du judaïsme, de l'islam et de la laïcité appellent à une marche nationale à Bruxelles autour du slogan « Together in Peace – Liberté et Respect » le dimanche 15 mars 2015 à 14h. Ensemble, nous disons: OUI au vivre ensemble en paix OUI à la liberté d’expression,

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Interfaith dialogue, the motor, to driving new energies for Harmony

World Interfaith Harmony Week 2014: Events in Belgium got a price.  .... To see the pictures and comments clic here : ppt-WIHW 2014 Description & programme: clic here  ..  Interreligious dialogue, the motor,         driving  new synergies         to Harmony                   Description: The WIHW 2014 celebration inBrussels took a didactic approach: 1.Testifying to the force of interreligious dialogue through

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Women’s voices in chorus… for the cause of women: 17-6-2013

  Women’s voices in chorus... for the cause of women: We are an assembly of women  jecting any interpretation of religious practices that leads  to violence  17 juin 2013  A l’Hôtel de Vlle de Bruxelles Salle Gothique  PROGRAMME 18h30 : visite of the Exhibition  of sacred texts 19h30 : Welcome by Yolande Iliano, co-chair de Belgian Women of Faith Network Speach Alain Courtois, l’Echevin des Cultes de la Ville de Bruxelles

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Young muslims visiting a church

23 avril 2012 : Collaboration entre professeurs catholique et.... par dm_51313ea41cb7b

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World Interfaith harmony Week 2011-2012-2013


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Synergies of Religions for Peace in Belgium
To end Violence against Women: round table – debate – exhibition

Invitation  in the presence of the European Governing Board of Religions for Peace who opted for joint action inEurope are pleased to invite you  to the launch of the European Campaign to end violence against women Saturday 17 November  2012 19 :00- 20 :30   In the City Hall of Brussels Salle Gothique Round Table - Debat    &  Exhibition : Dignity of women –Scriptural Reflections                                

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World Conference Religions for Peace- Belgium