10 December 2012- UN Human Rights Day in Zagreb : Interfaith Concert


Every year, the World Council of Religions for Peace in Croatia

commemorate the UN Human Rights Day on

December 10, at the Concert Hall of the Croatian Music Institute, where

all religious leaders in Zagreb come to pray to the God of Peace

to realizethe just peace and human life of dignity,

both in this country and in the world.

The concert is at 8 p.m. on Monday, 10 December (UN Human Rights Day), as usual. It is attended by representatives and members of all popular religions in Zagreb, and is preceded by short prayers by leading religious leaders. Members of different religions dance (Jews) and choirs (RC, Serbian Orthodox, Macedonian Orthodox, Uniate, Muslim) sing. The event is covered by the media (press, radio, TV).

World Council of Religions for Peace in Croatia

Address: Marticeva 43, 10000
Zagreb, Croatia
Phone/Fax: 00 385 1 4617 687

Iskra Pavlovic

Written by RfP Europe

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