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Call for Applications

.Deadline for submission of applications: 31 August 2015


“Empowering Youth in Interfaith and Multicultural Peace Action” is a strategic project aiming to empower young people of faith but also other interested youth to address the issues related to inclusive and welcoming European communities, providing them with interfaith and multicultural tools for preventing and eliminating xenophobia and intolerance.

The training seminar will involve youth from different sectors, regardless of their religion, ethnicity and gender and they will come from seven partner organisations:Sweden,Belgium,Finland,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Italy, theUnited KingdomandSerbia. Other partners and countries will be invited to participate. This Youth Interfaith and Multicultural Seminar that will take place in Castel Gandolfo, Italy, from the 27 October to the 1 of November 2015.


In RfP/Europe last conferences about non-discrimination, and especially in our last meeting on “Welcoming Each Other: A Call to Non-Discrimination” and the “Empowerment Day” at the European Parliament, that took place in Brussels from the 18 to the 21 of March 2015, where we had about 50% participation of young people from 14 European countries, it became clear that there is a growing intolerance which is endangering societies in Europe. To grow towards a united and peacefulEurope, the young Europeans are key players. However, there are not too many opportunities for young people to come together and engage in a practical way in a process of discovering about key concepts of a culture of peace, have information about other faiths and religions, and deepen their knowledge about other cultures. The decision was to come together again and include more youth from different sectors, regardless of their religion, ethnicity and gender, to see how to move forward to a more peacefulEurope.

Cooperation across faith and cultural communities can effectively serve to promote tolerance and a good understanding of pluralism especially at present, when inter-cultural and inter-religious tensions appear to be on the rise inEurope. RfP/Europe affirms and promotes the concept that a welcoming society, which respects, protects and ensures the rights of its diverse people will be a more resilient and cohesive society. For the participating organizations, the role of youth as peace builders need to be enhanced in order to have a positive impact in the behavior of other young people who want to see that their rights can be recognized and affirmed.


The main goal is to enhance the role of youth as peace builders in order to have a positive impact in the behavior of other young people who want to see that their rights can be recognized and affirmed.

The project will contribute to the objectives of the Erasmus+ programme providing to youth the acquisition of new competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) in view of improving their personal development and also raising participants’ awareness and understanding of the various co-existing cultures and religions inEurope. Cooperation across cultural and faith communities can effectively serve to promote tolerance and a good understanding of pluralism especially at present, when inter-religious tensions appear to be on the rise inEurope.  WCRP  affirms and promotes the concept that a welcoming society, which respects, protects and ensures the rights of its diverse people will be a more resilient and cohesive society.


1. To raise participants’ understanding and awareness of key concepts of a culture of peace, European citizenship, religious diversity and interfaith and multicultural approach to building peace

2. To empower young people with inclusive and interfaith leadership skills equipping them with knowledge and tools for leading responsible actions for peace in their countries, NGOs and communities

3. To increase youth self-esteem and motivation for an active participation in their organizations and in society valuing their perspectives and enhancing their inner and relational skills

4. To provide young people with communication and public opinion formation skills helping to set up teams of citizen reporters in the countries of those participating in the workshop

5.  To increase young people’s abilities to connect and collaborate with others by creating a platform for a European network of young people active in interfaith peace work

6. To offer alternatives to the present situation of inward-looking preoccupation by creating space for effective joint action


Participants in the training seminar will be a group of 50 young people from 18 to 30 years old coming from contexts of religious, ethnic and cultural diversity. The main criteria for selection of participants will be: experience in youth work and expressed desire to lead youth activities after the workshop.


Through the training seminar participants will gain the following competences:

  • capacity to show empathy, tolerance and understanding to other views and to people from other cultures and religions
  • awareness of the causes of racism and xenophobia and they have become more committed to take concrete action to overcome these issues
  • new knowledge and understanding of different cultures/faiths and increased capacity to respond to concrete situations of intolerance and xenophobia
  • concrete tools and strategies to raise the communities’ awareness of the need to overcome racism, prejudice and xenophobia and to promote equal opportunities for all people.
  • capacity to understand the needs and feelings of other youth and people in general
  • Increased motivation to learn and do something practical
  • fundraising and capacity to conduct informational campaigns and youth activities
  • acquisition of leadership competencies in team work
  • ability to share with other young people in their communities and organizations and strengthen the network
  • expand their horizons, strengthen confidence in youth engagement, and help overcome some of the  challenges the youth are facing.
  • communicational tools for disseminating their activities and projects results based in ethics values
  • capacity to use communication technology in an innovative way, putting into practice simple ideas coupled with a personal commitment with European values
  • capacity to produce and use different media tools (video, films) incorporating ethics and promoting the European values and citizenship
  • capacity to communicate constructively in different multi-religious and multicultural environment and advocate for “unity in diversity”


Dates: This is a residential seminar that will run over 5 full days, starting on the afternoon of the 27 of October and finishing on the afternoon of 1rst of November 2015.

Travel costs and accommodation and boarding will be provided by RfP/Europe for those participants selected through the participating NGOs partners in the project fromBelgium,Sweden,Finland,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Serbia,United KingdomandItaly.


The seminar will be in English. Participants with difficulties to speak it in plenary sessions will be assisted.


To work towards its aim the seminar will use inter-cultural and inter-faith learning methodologies promoting participation, critical thinking, creativity and cooperation. The Youth Exchange will be based on the combination of innovative educational trainings and exposure to multicultural and interfaith dialogue with religious leaders and experts.

There will be seven workshops and panel discussions led by participants organizations and some of them will involve religious leaders for future mutual recognition and effective collaboration. The workshops will be: Cultural and Spiritual Values and Religious Inheritances that Unite us in Europe; Coming Closer to the Needs and Feelings of the Other; Building a Culture of Peace; Organizations’ Good Practices on Peace Building and Non-Discrimination; Building Partnership and Funding Opportunities; Art, a Contribution to Peace, Inspiration and Creativity; Formation of Youth Citizen Reporters. Part of the program is a special presentation about the European identity, the Erasmus + program and the advantages of the certificates.


The overall coordination of the training workshop is being managed by RfP/Europeteam formed by Yolande Iliano, Malati Dasi and Marta Palma. The training sessions will be run by a professional team of experts. Main facilitators will be Mrs. Laura Molnar from Romania, Mr. Sudhagar Raghupathy from Sweden, Mrs. Heidi Rautionmaa from Finland, Mr. Srdjan Vlaskalic from Serbia Mr. James Edwards from the United Kingdom, Mr. Andre Bossuroy from Belgium and Mr. Mauro Bombieri from Italy


Applications will be carefully reviewed based on the selection criteria below. In addition, a letter from the applicants is requested, explaining his/her motivation for applying and how they plan to use what they have learned in the training.

Selected applicants should:

  • Have experience in working with young people.
  • Have some experience in the fields of peace education.
  • Have a good understanding of English.

Selected applicants are expected to commit themselves to:

  • Full-time participation: Participate full-time in all sessions for the whole duration of the seminar for your application to be considered.
  • Costs: costs related to travel and accommodation and boarding during the duration of the seminar are covered by the RfP/Europe for those participants selected by the participant partners organizations. Additional personal expenses are participants’ responsibility. Other participants that are sponsored by other individuals or NGOs are welcome to apply.
  • Accommodation and boarding per youth participant (18-30 years old) in 3-4 bed roomsfrom dinner on Wed 27 October through to breakfast on Monday 2 November is: € 287


To apply for this workshop, please complete the application form* attached and send it to Malati Dasi at the following e-mail:

Please also include the motivation letter, as mentioned in the application form. All received applications will be acknowledged and all applicants will be informed about the selection decision by the 31 of August 2015.


 Religions for Peace Europe is an affiliated member of the World Conference of Religions for Peace/International (WCRP) located inNew York. This is an International NGO with consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations, with UNESCO and with UNICEF. It was founded 1960s and is the world’s largest and most representative multi-religious coalition advancing common action for peace by working to foster multi-religious consensus on positive aspects of peace as well as concrete actions to stop war, help eliminate extreme poverty and protect the earth. It is the world’s largest partnership between different religions pursuing planetary peace. While remaining true to their individual belief systems, the members of this global coalition commit themselves to working together towards lasting peace on earth enjoyed by all.

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