Congress of women of faith in Bosnia and Herzegovina 12-15/06/2014

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Short report on Congress of women of faith in Bosnia and Herzegovina

June 12-15 – 2014, Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Amidst many attempts to turn interreligious dialogue from the domain of the impossible into an example of know-who, know-what and, finally, show-how communication, this Congress is a specific path from deconstruction to reconstruction of civil society through interreligious dialogue. Women of faith are very important part of civil society especially in post war country asBosnia and Herzegovina is. Linking more then 150 women of faith (Islamic community, Serbian Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic Church and Jewish community) from all the regions inBosnia and Herzegovina represents big step in concrete interreligious dialogue. Through networking (we networked them before this Congress) we gave them possibility to meet, to exchange ideas and to demolish the walls of prejudice within themselves and then the walls further a field: in the community and the society.

At the Congress women of faith discussed many civil society issues: family law, violence and family, violence and kids, rural area problems, women’s activism in general, religious education and prevention of prejudices, reconciliation, activism in religious communities and churches.

For the vast majority of citizens ofBosnia and Herzegovina, civil society is a mystery because it is often confused with something new and unfamiliar and, sometimes, with secularization and wrong interpretation of it. So with these women of faith gatherings we put women in some others situation, we gave them a pair of other shoes, they walked in them and they cleared away any confusion of prejudice.  After this they are strong in idea to join the long term reconstruction of civil society through interreligious dialogue with an open minds and clear conscience.

Written by RfP Europe

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