Declaration on Refugees – The Round Table of Religions in Germany


The Round Table of Religions in Germany 

Declaration on Refugees

Text in holy scriptures:

Lev. 19,33-34

Mt 25, 35.40

Sure 49,13

Bahá’u’lláh wrote: “The earth is but one county, and mankind its citizens”

Vimalakirti Sutra (Buddh.) „”consider  each  as your spiritual master ”

The affirmations in our sacred scriptures regarding the stranger, the needy, and the mutual relationship of the different peoples are unequivocal. They are in accordance with the core affirmation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights about the inalienable dignity of every human being.

These affirmations are binding for adherents of the religions. Xenophobia and fanaticism must not be justified by referring to religion!

The religious communities should adopt the following orientations in the refugee crisis:

In all measures that need to be taken the dignity of every single person and the perspective of a good living together are to respect both on the national and the international level. This is valid for the struggle against the root causes of fleeing as it is for the supply in the refugee camps in the various countries, for the reception in Germany, and also for unavoidable returns.

We commit ourselves especially to common actions of the religious communities nationally and internationally. A comprehensive understanding of freedom is of special importance to us, as we want to help persecuted and marginalized groups.

Firmly rooted in our convictions we support everything that serves to establish an atmosphere of welcoming in our communities and in our society, an atmosphere that expresses itself in encounter, mutual understanding and cooperation.

On behalf of the members of The Round Table of Religions in Germany (RT/D), coming from the Central Council of Jews, the Protestant Church, the Roman-Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, the Turkish Islamic Union (DITIB), the Islamic Council, the Central Council of Muslims, the German Buddhist Union, and the National Spiritual Council of Baha’is:

Dr. Franz Brendle (signed)

Executive Secretary of RT/D

Written by RfP Europe

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