“Religious Dialogue as a tool to foster tolerance” 24 March 2015 at the EP

Religions for Peace Europe at the high level conference on

“Religious Dialogue as a tool to foster tolerance”

On Tuesday the 24th of March 2015, the Religions for Peace Europe Network around “welcoming each other in Europe” was represented by Mrs. Yolande Iliano and Mrs. Christine Dupuis at a  high level meeting on “Religious Dialogue as a Tool to Foster Tolerance” that took place at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.

The meeting was hosted by  the Vice  President of the European Parliament Mr. Antonio  Tajani, in the presence of the President of the European Parliament Mr. Martin Schultz, the First Vice President  of the  European Commission, Mr.  Franz Timmermans, and MEP in charge of Religious Dialogue Mr. Claude Moraes.

Among the speakers there were several personalities linked to  Religions for Peace Europe and  its  network: Fr. Patrick Daly, Comece, ECRL ; Metropolitan Emmanuel of France, Council of European Churches ;   Rabbi Guigui, Conference of European Rabbis to the EU, Rev. Robert Innes, Bishop of Europe, Anglican Church and Mr. Jamie Creswell, President of the European Buddhist Union.

The meeting was a very good opportunity for encounter and sharing among different religious traditions and perspectives with the common objective to contribute to overcome radicalism and build lasting peace.  After the meeting a press release was issued reaffirming the important role religions can play. Part of the document said: “We will defeat radicalism only if we stay united” said Parliament’s First Vice-President Antonio Tajani, opening Tuesday’s high-level conference of MEPs and religious community leaders on the rise of religious radicalism and fundamentalism. EP President Martin Schulz, who closed the debate, said “We have to have the courage to take people on board and encourage dialogue between religions”. The whole document can be found in the following website address:

In talking to Mr. Timmermans, First Vice-President of the EC  and to other European personalities Mrs. Iliano and Mrs. Dupuis shared information about the interfaith meetings that took place the 19, 20 and 21 of March in Brussels. They also underlined the need to incorporate people of faith working at local level in the dialogue and future strategies on the rise of religious radicalism and fundamentalism.  The best practices on non-discrimination involving religious communities happening in many European countries are a source of hope. They took the opportunity to invite Parliament’s First Vice-President Antonio Tajani and other EC personalities to the RfP-Europe Assembly at the end of October 2015 in Castel Gandolfo, Italy.


Video:  http://www.europarltv.europa.eu/en/player.aspx?pid=aba07ca2-5be2-4e9a-be73-a46100e92698

EP-Press releas : EP-24-4-2015-Interremigious dialogue- the way to defeat extremeism

Written by RfP Europe

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