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Meeting in Brussels  for a working session and participation at the European launch of the Campaign: “Restoring dignity: to end violnce against the women” on  17-11-2012 in the City Hall of Brussels. This event was supported by the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Equality of gender, Mrs. Joëlle Milquet.


 Yolande Iliano,

President RfP -Europe ,

co-chair EWFN, (Belgium)

Adalberta Bernardini,

representative FAO, (Italia)

Brigitte Chevalier, 

Representative UNESCO, (France)


Brigitte Proksch, Austriachapter, (Austria)

Farid El Asri,

General Secretary Belgian chapter- WCRP-Belgiu

 Dr.Franz Brendle, 

Treasure RFP-Europe

President  WCRP-Germany 

Genard Hajdini, 

General Secretary 

Interreligious Council, 


Dr.Guenther Gebhardt,

Vice-Président RfP-Europe,


Imam Sajid,

Vice-président RfP-Europe- 

(United Kingdom)

Iskra Pavlovic,

Croatia chapter- (Croatia)


Jehangir Sarosh,

UK chapter – (United Kingdom)

Prof. Dr. Johannes Lahnemann, 

Peace Education Standing Commission PESC – (Germany)

Julia Maria Koszewska, EYIN – (Polen)

Laurent Klein, French chapter – (France)

Luigi de Silvia, 

President Italain chapter, (Italia)

Mato Zovkic,

Interreligious Council


Ravinder Kaur Nijjar,

co-Chair  Euomen of Faith Network – EWFN (United Kingdom)

Dr. Rupen Krikorian, Interreligious Council,  (Bulgaria)  

Semsettin Ugurlu,

Belgian Council of religious leaders, (Belgium)

Sergiy Zvonarev, Interreligious Council of Russia, ((Russia)
 Stein Villumstad,

General Secretary of European Council of Religious leaders ECRL,(Norway)


Taoufik Hartit, core of European InterfaithYouth Network   EIYN, (Germany)

Wite Carp, Président Netherlands chapter, (Netherlands)

 Dr. Bill Vendley ,

 Ex-officio General Secretary  Religions for Peace International

 Board of Emeritus members
 Dr. Norbert Klaas
  Jehangir Sarosh
 John Taylor

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