Inner Peace: Chanting : 19 March 2015

Religions for Peace Europe
Thursday March 19, 2015


A high moment on 19 March 2015 was the participation in a Chanting ceremony organized by Religions for Peace Europe with the important collaboration of Father Peter Baekelmans, in the Church of the Dominicans in Brussels.

The beautiful music and song prayers from the Community of Taizé (group from the KU Leuven University Chaplaincy), the Sufi group of the International Alawiyya Sufi Association and the Siddha Yoga group of theAcademyofSadhanavzw came together in an atmosphere of great harmony. The 120 participants were touched by the beauty of the peace prayers and joined in the singing. The whole celebration was a tangible symbol of wonderful unity.

Written by RfP Europe

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