Youth Interfaith encounter: Kasterlee : 27-10-2012 welcomed by the mayor

The mayor of Kasterlee, Ward Kennes, welcomes the laureats of the watercampaign, initiated by the the Belgian Council of Religious Leaders.

In September 2011, the Belgian Council of Religious Leaders (BCRL) supported by the Belgian Women of Faith Network (BWFN) adopted the topic of Water in the framework of The World Interfaith Harmony Week, and it was proposed to young people from 5-18 years old in all state schools in Belgium. Their messages, expressed in different art forms, were presented in the Belgian Federal Parliament on the 21 of September (in the context of World Peace Day). The Water Campaign was launched at the European Commission in the framework of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, on the 20th of November 2012 in the presence of the Director of UNICEF-Europe, leading religious and scientific authorities, RfP/Europe in partnership with the Global network of Religions for Children supported by schoolchildren, different bodies within RfP-Europe as well as faith-based youth NGOs .

Interreligious pumpkins regatta in Kasterlee… par dm_51313ea41cb7b

Belgian young people facing water challenges meet in Kasterlee (Belgium) on the 27 -10-2012. They were the laureats of a water campaign coming from different religious and languages communities. They were invited by the Mayor of Kasterlee, Ward Kennis.

Written by RfP Europe

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