Youth Interfaith Exchange- Supported by Erasmus + 2015

“Empowering Youth in Interfaith and Multicultural Peace Action”


This video has been realised by the youth and especially by Soraya Boulif during the youth interreligious exchange that has been going on in Castel Gandolfo from the 27 October till the 2 November 2015.

“Empowering Youth in Interfaith and Multicultural Peace Action” aimed to empower young people of faith and also other interested youth providing them with interfaith and multicultural tools for preventing and eliminating xenophobia and intolerance. The project addressed the problem of a growing intolerance on religions and religious expressions, which is endangering societies in Europe. The youth exchange responded to the lack of awareness of key concepts of a culture of peace, lack of information about other faiths and religions, and lack of knowledge about other cultures. This is manifested in hate-speech or discriminatory speech or actions that many times involve young people.

Written by RfP Europe

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