Young people “catalysts of peace” in the Brussels Parliament – 30/11/2017

The World Conference of Religions for Peace Belgium and Europe staged a major programme in 2017 for young people, “to equip young people to face violence in a positive and constructive way”

On 30 November 2017 in the Parliament of the Region of Brussels-Capital, Vice-President Fouad Ahidar welcomed the young people and went on to participate in the whole event .

30 young people attended this event, coming from different cultural, social and religious backgrounds and a variety of horizons including refugees, universities, la maison de jeunes des Marolles.

All expressed the desire to move from words to action in their won immediate environment: in their family, with neighbours, in their class, their sports groups, in their workplace and university, in public transport .. in the public space…

Political and religious authorities were present to deepen the vision and the experience of the young people “How to deal with violence and cultural or religious tensions? What are their sources of inspiration? What are their experiences , their perspectives?” Catherine Roba, Imam Asad Majeeb, Rabbi Yoni Krief, Rev. Christian Deduytschaever expressed strong support for these young people.

Some of them had been meeting several times since September, participating in workshops. Some attended an international Erasmus youth exchange seminar “Strengthening Youth Action for Peace : creative Multicultural and Multi-religious Approaches and Tools” – a 6-day training course from 27/10 to 2/11 and they were awarded an Erasmus Youth pass from the Vice-President.

The Brussels Region Secretary of State for Equal Opportunities, Bianca Debaets, also supported the project by involving professionals from social media, film makers and intercultural experts.

All the participants stressed the importance of strengthening intercultural and interreligious dialogue as an essential path towards peace and expressed the wish to repeat this kind of encounter.

Written by RfP Europe

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